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Residential Roll Shutters on Home and Garage Door
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Supplier and Installer of Roll Shutters in Calgary

Roll Shutterscustomized for your home

Glenmore Roll Shutters are custom-designed for each home to give you substantial energy savings in both summer and winter. They also provide weather protection, enhanced home security and privacy year round.

Our roll shutters can be customized for operation to suit your lifestyle and budget. You can control your shutters manually or they can be motorized for ease of control.

Glenmore Doors can design your roll shutter system to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Roll Shuttersattractive and long-lasting quality

  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Theft and Break-in Prevention
  • German Engineered Quality
  • Strong and Durable
  • Offer Excellent Noise Reduction
  • Maintenance Free / Easy to Clean
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant
  • Industry Leading Warranty

Provides stylish and practical means of protecting personal assets from theft and vandalism.

All Glenmore Roller Shutter systems can be fitted for either manual or motorized operation and are available in an array of colours and finishes.

Increased home security
Increased Security & Privacy
Provides thermal insulation
Thermal Insulators
Reduce energy usage in winter and summer
Energy Saving
Protect your home from extreme weather
Extreme Weather Protection
Increased outdoor noise reduction
Noise Reduction
Custom designs for all homes
Custom Design Solutions

Roll Shuttersroll shutter benefits

Weather Protection

Roll shutters will protect you from anything Mother Nature can throw at you. You’ll be protected from all the extremes that Calgary weather is known for including blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays which will keep your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Security and Well-Being

We can protect your family and the contents of your home with custom fitted exterior window shutters. You can keep out potential home invaders or prying eyes without compromising on comfort or the appearance of your home. With simple control systems you can operate the shutters with the touch of a button.

Unique Functionality and Design

Your home’s appearance won’t be sacrificed with the protection roll shutters can offer you. We have the colours and style with premium quality aluminium and stainless steel shutters. You’ll find the right colour and finish which can be rolled up and discreetly out of sight when not in use.

You're in Control

Hand holding mobile phone

You can operate your shutters with a touch of a button. With intuitive design combined with sensor and timer options, sun protection, security and energy efficiency functions you can decide how the shutters can benefit you most. Options include wall switches, remote controls and smartphone functionality. You can maximize and control energy-savings, comfort and flexibility with our roller shutters


Roll Shuttersa perfect solution


  • Roll Shutters reduce solar radiation by 75%. Interior shades reduce solar radiation by 25%.
  • Roll Shutters can reduce heat or cooling loss by 44% as heat and cold enter a home primarily through windows.
  • Shutters can reduce outside noise by 10 dB and provide privacy.
  • Roll Shutters provide effective protection against break-ins.

Glenmore Roll Shutter Systems are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are constructed using aluminum profiles and other components available in a wide range of choices for customized installation solutions.

The shutter system can easily be integrated into smart home automation systems. They are simple to operate with the push of a button or can be preprogrammed for your convenience.

Front mounted panel systems are available in colours that can be installed to compliment or contrast existing window and home colours.

Roll Shutters Video

Discover all the benefits roll shutters can offer your home.

Residential Roll Shutters on Home and Garage Door

Roll Shuttersfor the highest of demands

Glenmore Roll Shutters Systems - Feel Secure and at Ease in your Home

Durable, long-lasting roll shutter systems offer protection from the wind and weather, noise, insects and burglars – as well as saving energy.

The modern design of the aluminum roll shutters adds value to the appearance of your property.

Easily Integrated into Intelligent Home Automation

Activate the roller shutters from an app while on the road for a pleasant indoor environment when you arrive home.

Discover Glenmore Roll Shutters long-lasting and energy-efficient aluminum roller shutter systems today.

Premium German Designed Roll Shutters

  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Durable and Easy to Clean
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Highly UV-resistant
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant
Inside View of House with Roll Shutters
Outside View of House with Roll Shutters
Residential Roll Shutters on Home and Garage Door