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Commercial Security Roll Shutters on Building

Commercial Security Roller Shuttersshutter systems for unbeatable security

Glenmore Roller Shutters offer increased security protection and control for any commercial, retail, and industrial purpose in Calgary and surrounding area.

Commercial applications for roller shutters include service counters, product displays, shelving units, storefronts, access control, storage rooms, shopping mall kiosks, storage compartments and much more.

Glenmore Roller Shutters works closely with business owners to ensure our roll shutters are properly sized and designed for the individual needs of the business.

Security Roller Shuttersattractive and long-lasting quality

  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Theft and Break-in Prevention
  • German Engineered Quality
  • Strong and Durable
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Commercial Security Roll Shutters on Building

Security Roller Shutters

Provides businesses with stylish and practical means of protecting commercial, retail, corporate and personal assets from theft and vandalism

All Glenmore Roller Shutter systems can be fitted for either manual or motorized operation and are available in complimentary colour schemes of your business


Shutterssecure and durable

Cutaway Showing Security Roller Shutter Advantages



Made of a high-quality aluminum alloy and end caps made of burgler-resistant steel


Anti-Push-Up Device

Dual-function anti-push-up device makes it impossible to push up roller shutters with physical force



All components of the security shutters are sturdy and durable. Also available in stainless steel, for even greater protection from burglars


Guide Rail

Extruded guide rail is particularly stable with an additional bar for the safety hook making it much more difficult to push-out the roller shutter curtain


End Slat

Three-piece, extruded locking end slat, makes it impossible to push up the curtain by physical means


Commercial Security Shuttersa perfect solution for:

Store Front Security Shutters at commercial business
Store Fronts
Store Front Security Shutters at commercial business
Reception Area, Service or Pharmacy Counter
Security Shutters Protecting Windows at commercial business
Retail Mall Kiosks
Retail Mall Kiosks Security Shutters

Protect and Secure Your Business

Low-Cost Alternative to Security Bars & Grills
Low-Cost Alternative to Bars & Grills
Shutters Provide Security
Heavy Duty Security Applications
Rectangle, Grill & Solid Designs for Security Shutters
Rectangle, Grill & Solid Designs

Commercial Security Roller Shutter Benefits

  • Break-in Prevention
  • Elegant Curb Appeal
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Automation & Efficiency
  • Stainless Steel End Retention

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Discover all the benefits roll shutters can offer your business.