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Esteem Series sleek garage doors

If you want your home to stand apart from the rest, the Esteem Series is the obvious choice. These sleek aluminum and glass doors bring a modern and fresh look to any home. Available in a range of stunning options, these doors can be custom painted, may be filled with coloured glass or panels and come in a wide variety of sizes. Offering strength and durability in design, the Esteem Series provides modern luxury and standard Steel-Craft quality.

The Esteem Series of aluminum doors brings a modern look to any home. These doors can be custom painted, filled with coloured glass and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Increase your curb appeal with window designs that suit your home, while benefitting from the durability of a sturdy aluminum door.

Esteem Series Doorsinstalled by Glenmore Doors

Esteem Doors black with satin sealed glass

Esteem Doors black

Esteem Doors Clear Anodized Aluminum with Satin Glass

Esteem Doors black with satin sealed glass

Standard Vision Lites Options

Choose from Tempered Glass, Polycarbonate or Insulated Aluminum Panel. All materials are sealed to the frame with glazing compound and held with rigid PVC mouldings.



Satin Privacy

Dark Tint Privacy

Bronze Reflective

Dark Tint Clear

Thermoclear Polycarbonate

Clear Lexan

Bronze Lexan

Blue Lexan

Green Lexan

Standard Anodized Finish

Clear Lexan

Standard Painting Colour Options

Matte Finish

Ano-Light Bronze

Ano-Medium Bronze

Ano-Dark Bronze


Gloss Finish



Light Brown

Dark Brown

Sable Grey


Oyster Grey


Light Green

Dark Green

Light Blue

Dark Blue


Esteem Doorsdimensions

Four Section - 2 Panel

8’ x 7’

8’ x 8’

9’ x 7’

9’ x 8’

Four Section - 3 Panel

10’ x 7’

10’ x 8’

12’ x 7’

12’ x 8’

Four Section - 4 Panel

14’ x 7’

14’ x 8’

16’ x 7’

16’ x 8’

Four Section - 5 Panel

18’ x 7’

18’ x 8’

Esteem DoorsSpecifications


  • Bottom weatherstripping: U-type arctic grade vinyl
  • Section interface: arctic grade vinyl bubble-shaped weatherstrip at all section meeting rails
  • Jamb: anodized or painted aluminum with two-point flexible arctic grade vinyl weatherstrip
  • Header: anodized or painted aluminum with two-point flexible arctic grade vinyl weatherstrip

Door Face Hardware

  • Graduated end hinges and centre hinges made from galvanized steel
  • Heavy duty rollers with heat-treated and outer races with 10 floating ball bearings


  • Doors over 11'0" in width shall be reinforced with 16Ga galvanized steel "Z" brace per section
  • Strutting required for doors wider than 3,353 mm


  • Thickness: 1.8mm/0.071”; 3mm/0.118” at fastener locations
  • Standard Top/Bottom/End Stiles: 162mm/6.375”
  • Intermediate Stiles: 76mm/3”

Insulated Aluminum Panel

  • 1.27 mm thick aluminum sheet material insulated and sealed to door frame


  • Standard: #17 clear anodized Class II and is in accordance with AA-M12C22A31 (Aluminum Association) specifications
  • Painted product (special order) powdercoated to AAMA 2603 standards

Tempered Glass, Polycarbonate or Insulated Aluminum Panel

  • All glazing materials sealed to door frame with butyl tape and held securely with rigid PVC snap-in mouldings

Counterbalance System

  • Class II oil tempered ASTM A229 wire, minimum 10,000 cycle torsion springs on continuous steel shaft
  • Aircraft quality galvanized lift cables with a minimum safety factor of 7 to 1


  • 50 mm or 75 mm wide galvanized steel tracks